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FAQs | travel to Uganda Advise | Uganda tours

  • Is there Malaria in Uganda

There is a danger of Malaria all through the nation and in this way it is exceptionally prescribed to take Malaria prescriptions, yet in addition, take appropriate chomp shirking measures. For example, wearing long sleeves and jeans amid the dusk hours when mosquitos are generally dynamic.

  • Do I need immunizations to go to Uganda

Most importantly yes you do require shots to go to Uganda as without a Yellow Fever vaccination certification you can not get a visa. What’s more, it is additionally prompted you get immunizations for malaria DTP and Hepatitis A. A few associations may encourage you to take Hepatitis B, abies Typhoid and Cholera.

  • Is it safe to venture out to Uganda

Uganda is commonly viewed as a protected nation with low crime rates. Simply keep away from movement by the street outside real towns around evening time. It’s likewise better to keep away from the South Sudan border area and Karamoja in the extreme north, yet it’s certainly sheltered to make a trip to Kidepo Valley National Park, which lies near the outskirt with South Sudan. Basically, use common sense at all times, remove your assets and know about your environment and one ought to be thoroughly fine going in Uganda.

  • Do you need a visa to go to Uganda

Practically all nations will require a visa when making a trip to Uganda. It very well may be acquired online through the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration. This is the main valid Visa Application Portal for Uganda visas and it costs $50.

Dodge other (false) entrances where you’ll pay significantly more for your visa!

Visa on entry

There is as yet the chance to get a visa on the entry for Uganda, however, the e-visas are required to supplant the visa on landing. So I would encourage to buy it on the web. It’s fast and exceptionally simple. You’ll have to include an international ID duplicate, late visa measure photo and your yellow fever immunization certificate.

Eastern African Community single tourist visa

In the event that you are intending to head out to Kenya and Rwanda on a similar outing then the Eastern African Community single tourist visa merits applying. This visa is a solitary tourist visa for these three nations, yet inside its fringes, it is different sections. It cost $100 and is substantial for 90 days.

  • What is the best time to go to Uganda?

You can venture out to Uganda all year! The best time for Uganda safaris is amid the dry season from June to August and from December to February. In dryer conditions, wildlife is simpler to spot. The high season is from June to September, however, it will never truly become busy. There is no peak season for making a trip to Uganda. The most provoking a very long time to visit Uganda are March, April and May as on account of the wet season going around get significantly increasingly confused. Streets and nature trails can be in poor conditions.

  • Money Exchange

You will get the best exchange rate when you trade your money into Ugandan Shilling at a Forex office in one of the towns. You can likewise change cash at the air terminal, however, the rates are essentially more terrible.

Know about the US Dollar-UGX conversion scale. A few Ugandans are ‘inventive’ with changing over their money in, for instance, US Dollars or Euros. USD $1 = 3.669 UGX

  • What are the expenses for the National Parks in Uganda

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has set charges for visiting National Parks in Uganda. Park extra charges contrast a little for every National Park yet the majority of the well-known places of interest’s in Uganda are $40. Some lesser realized spots charge $35 and some little holds $10 for outside non-inhabitants (FNR). Know that National Park expenses in Uganda are per 24 hours. That implies you can be imaginative with the recreation centre charges when you plan it right.

For vehicles, you pay an extra-national park expense. The national park expenses for vehicles are a solitary instalment so you don’t pay every day. For the vehicle, you generally needed to pay 30,000 pushings ($8).

  • What is the currency in Uganda

The currency in Uganda is the Shilling. Uganda is a money nation. Money Dollars (printed post-2003), Euros and Pounds are acknowledged by the Uganda Wildlife Authority for most exercises and national park passage charges, yet in little towns or at for instance service stations they will just acknowledge Ugandan Shilling. So ensures you generally have Shilling on you amid your Uganda trip.

  • Do Ugandans anticipate a tip?

Tipping is typical in Uganda. Most aides expect a little tip after for instance about the visit, diversion drive or a nature walk. Since local people have restricted access to trade tips in outside cash, the best activity is tipping them in Ugandan Shilling.

The normal month to month pay changes all through the nation and ranges somewhere in the range of 500.000 and 1.000.000 Uganda Shilling. That is somewhere close to $135 and $270 every month. Tipping somebody several dollars will give you a lot of smiles on your Uganda trip.

  • When and where would I be able to purchase a chimpanzee or gorilla trekking grant?

Secure your gorilla or chimp trekking grants before landing to dodge frustration. The licenses are issued by UWA that business sectors them through Uganda Tour Operators to general society. Accordingly, it’s ideal to book your trekking permit with a member from the Association of Uganda Tour Operators. The mountain gorilla trekking permits cost $600 for outside non-occupants. I encourage you to apply for a grant a half year preceding the date you need to trek. Permits from June-August and December and February will in general sale rapidly. Last minute bookings might be conceivable in the low season.

  • What amount do trips cost in Uganda

The trip cost differs immensely, visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority website.

  • How is the WiFi in Uganda

The Wifi isn’t generally great in Uganda. Most accommodations offer Wi-Fi in their main areas, it’s not continually working or exceptionally moderate. It is ideal to purchase a Uganda paid ahead of time sim card. They are broadly accessible all through the nation. Evaluated cost: $30 = 5GB. There is a 4G motion in significant urban areas and visitor goals in Uganda, but network coverage is weak.

  • Which equipment/camera gear should I pack?

It depends on your interest, but for photography reasons and wildlife enthusiasts I recommend the following:

Decent camera with several lenses or a camera with enough optical zoom. 
A solid tripod.
Enough batteries and memory cards.
Binoculars, but many driver guides also have binoculars in their car.

  • What is a Ugandan Rolex?

A Rolex isn’t a watch, yet it originates from a dish called rolled eggs. You can get it wherever along the road. You can eat it as breakfast or lunch. It is extremely delectable.

  • What are the road conditions in Uganda

There are a lot of road works in Uganda and most numerous road improved much throughout the most recent years, a few streets are still in an extremely terrible condition. Contingent upon the weather, it can be a little bit challenging. In the event that you drive yourself (which is a choice), I would recommend driving a 4WD. Remember that you need to drive on the left half of the street.

Contact UWA Headquarters to acquire exceptional exhortation about the street conditions and distinguish the favoured course when visiting Uganda. Particularly in the event that you consider a methodology through Karamoja. A few streets can be exceptionally terrible after substantial downpours. All things considered, it’s smarter to take an elective course. There are a lot of interests in Uganda the travel industry and (new) streets, so the modern UWA data can come in convenient.

  • Are there enough petrol stations in Uganda

There are a few petrol stations along the roads, yet some of the time you have to ensure you have enough fuel for a long adventure. Plan your Uganda trip Carefully. For instance, in the event that you choose to visit Kidepo National Park. It’s a long adventure up north and you need enough fuel (counting your diversion drive exercises in the national park) since there is no service station in or around Kidepo Valley National Park. The closest petrol stations are in Kaabong and Kitgum.

  • Shouldn’t something be said about the electricity when going to Uganda

Barely any regions outside the urban communities really have power. The greater part of the hotels utilizes sunlight based vitality or generators, which implies there is just power at specific occasions of the day and power plugs are restricted. Hence, it isn’t constantly conceivable to charge every one of your gadgets in your room. In many spots, you will almost certainly charge your telephone, however, PCs or camera batteries must be charged in the primary zone. Hairdryers utilize too much power so you’re not ready to utilize them in your room in many spots. A few hotels have one in their fundamental toilet for the ladies (or men) who truly need it.

A supportive Uganda venture out tip is to convey an amazing power bank to charge your gadgets when required and bring additional batteries.

  • How would I welcome the general population in Uganda?

As a rule, every one of the Ugandans is cordial individuals. It’s rude to just say ‘Greetings!’ So all things considered use ‘How are you?’. Indeed, even kids will welcome you with ‘How are you?’ They additionally love to contact your skin.

  • Packing list for Uganda

Gifts for children
Over the knee skirt (women)
International drivers license
Rain jacket
Memory cards
Insect repellent
Long trousers
Sarong to wrap around you
Camera gear
Long sleeve t-shirt
Extra batteries
Malaria pills

  • What to convey to Uganda

Make sure to dress consciously. Uganda is a traditionalist, so as a rule, it’s smarter to maintain a strategic distance from short skirts or shorts when heading out to Uganda. For ladies, it’s ideal to bring over the knee skirt since it’s discourteous to wear pants or shorts while visiting a nearby network. You can wear wore shorts amid day by day

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