1 day Chimp trek in Budongo Forest , Kaniyo-Pabidi, Murchison Falls National Park with primates and bunches of birds. Budongo Forest Reserve is 793 square kilometers of which just 53% is woodland and the rest prairie. Budongo Forest gloats of high biodiversity of 24 types of little creatures 9 of which are primates, 465 types of trees and bushes, 359 types of birds, 289 types of butterflies and 130 types of moths.

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The woodland is famous for its high number of mahogany trees and chimpanzees. The woods are accepted to contain some 600-700 chimpanzees. In Kaniyo Pabidi, six gatherings have been habituated. In May, June, July and August guests have over a 90% possibility of seeing the chimps. In February, March, April, and September this drops to 70%, and in October, November, December, and January, when sustenance is scarcer, chances drop to half. For chimp following its best to begin right on time around 7.00 am.

The aides pursue the day by day developments of the habituated chimpanzee gatherings. Three years of chronicle their developments show July, August and September offer a 90% achievement rate of seeing the chimps. In February, March, April, May, and September this abatement to 70 %, and in October, November, December, and January when nourishment is scarcer shots drop to half. The fluctuating fruiting periods of the trees of the wood decide the chimp’s developments. It can take 30 minutes or the entire day to discover them. Just kids 7 years and upwards are permitted chimp following. Gatherings are constrained to 6 individuals.

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End of 1 day Chimp trek in Budongo Forest


Early morning, you will be picked by your driver guide from your lodging and proceed with the chimpanzee following through the mahogany backwoods. Following habituated chimpanzees implies that the chimps are utilized to people drawing near to them. This is a procedure that takes quite a while. They are not tame, yet basically used to having people close them. The guides pursue the everyday developments of the habituated chimpanzee gatherings. The trek takes somewhere in the range of two and four hours and we, for the most part, anticipate great sightings of chimps in their common habitat.

A limit of two gatherings of 6 individuals leave from the recreation centre workplaces toward the evening and will be permitted to follow chimpanzees with experienced officers. The following will incorporate one hour with members of the wild community of chimpanzee that have been habituated. The walk may likewise incorporate the review of other natural life in the woods under the covering of the most seasoned mahogany trees in East Africa. Every day, chimpanzees like gorillas move to another area for the night constructing new homes. Budongo Forest is a task of both Jane Goodall Institute and Uganda Wildlife Authority. Make the most of your time with the chimpanzees. The chimp habituation is a magnificent affair. You will get familiar with the chimp network and find the highlights we share for all intents and purpose.

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Chimpanzee permit

Drinking water amidst the safari

Transport (in a 4WD vehicle)

Proficient English talking guide/driver

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