2 Days Birding in Murchison Falls NP

Murchison falls is among Uganda’s best birding spots with more than 451 feathered creature species which incorporate; Albertine break endemic winged animals, water flying creatures, and savannah fowls. Review feathered creatures in the picturesque scene during the 2 Days Birding in Murchison Falls National Park.

Winged creatures in Murchison can be best spotted while on a diversion drive, nature strolls through the savannah fields and on the watercraft journey along the Nile and on Lake Albert Delta. Winged creatures like the blue rested mouse feathered creatures, silver flying creatures, weavers among others can be spotted close Paraa and Red bean stew in through the dry thistle bushes. Nighttime winged creatures like the nightjars can be seen along the Paraa street and keeping in mind that on the vessel on the Nile. While on the pontoon still a lot of winged creatures, for example, the shoebill, Gray delegated cranes, Goliath herons, dark-headed lapwings among others can be spotted.

Best time for Birding

Birders can watch fowls lasting through the year however the best time is amid the dry season in months particularly from January-March, this time is a low traveller season in Uganda yet birding is as yet abundant. From December-February the downpours start and birding should at present be possible.

From April-May and from August-October there are substantial downpours, which makes it troublesome for fowl viewing since the climbing trails end up dangerous and streets in the recreation centre end up closed.

The shoebill is the recreation centre’s most extraordinary fascination however uncommon yet can be spotted from January to March amid the dry season. Transitory flying creatures can be seen between the months of November and April.

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End of 2 Days Birding in Murchison Falls NP



Early morning Journey from one of the hotels in Masindi District to Budongo Forest, birding along the Royal Mile, a genuinely stupendous street with timberland shelter transcending far overhead. There is a decent arrangement of trails in the timberland, today we expect creeping feathered creatures like the Nahan's Francolin, unnecessarily boisterous White-thighed Hornbill, elegant Cassin's and Sabine's Spinetail, Blue-throated Roller, Yellow-browed Camaroptera, Forest Flycatcher, Chestnut-topped Flycatcher, Ituri Batis, Lemon Bellied Crombec, Tit Hylia, Uganda Woodland Warbler, Forest Robin, Yellow Billed, Gray Throated, Hairy Breasted and Yellow Spotted Barbet, Great Blue and Black Billed Turaco, Dusy Long Tailed Cuckoo, Spotted, Plain, Slender Billed, White-Throated, Little Gray and Little Greenbul, Red Tailed Bristlebill and Black-topped Apalis among others. Post for the Blue, Red Tailed and the high contrast Colobus monkey. On centre days the chimps cross the trail. Supper and medium-term at Nile Safari Camp for 2 evenings.


A feature of the visit will without a doubt be the vessel treks to the base of the falls and on the diversion drive as we make it to the delta, on fortunate days we have traveller perspectives of the Shoebill Stork. There will be different flying creatures including the Red-throated and Northern Carmine Bee-eater centre's animals, for example, Rothschild's Giraffe, Yellow Billed and African Open Billed Stork, Hauglins Francolin, Senegal Thick-knee, Rock Pratincole, Giant, Woodland, Gray Headed, Malchite, Pygmy and striped Kingfishers. On the amusement drive we pay special mind to Heuglin's Francolins, Black Billed Barbet, Northern and Red Faced Barbet, Swallow-followed, Little Bee-eaters, Abyssinian Rollers, the mammoth Abyssinian Ground Hornbills, Black Winged and Northern Red Bishops, Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Waterbuck and numerous others will be seen. Different winged creatures to pay special mind to incorporate the Saddle-charged,  Chestnut Crowned and the White Browed Sparrow Weaver, Northern Crombec, Namaqua, African Morning, Ring-Necked, Red Eyed pigeon among others. The Patas Monkey will be the primate to pay special mind to on this day. A night drive today is entirely fitting paying special mind to nighttime well-envolved creatures and winged animals.

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