The 20 days Uganda Budget Cultural Safari with a long stupendous cultural tour of Uganda covers a portrayal of all the significant cultures of Uganda. The safari does not prohibit the indigenous cultures like the Batwa individuals from southwestern Uganda. This is an energizing background to investigate the Imbalu legacy of the Bagisu individuals and the legacy of the Buganda kingdom including the Namugongo shrine and Kasubi Tombs. 

Day 1 – Arrival for 20 days Uganda Budget Cultural Safari

Upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport, you will be welcomed by Euro Uganda Safaris driver/guide who will transfer you to your hotel for supper and medium-term in Kampala. He will brief you about your trip and let you know the time he should pick you up the following day.

Day 2 – Kampala-Jinja

In the morning, we shall have breakfast and drive toward the eastern piece of the nation and through the Mabira forest. It is basically made out of the clammy semi-deciduous forest. Then we go to Bujagali falls and watch the real sparkling white water of the Nile as it powers its way through the stones to the Mediterranean ocean. You will be engaged by the Budondo cultural group, see the white water rafters, and gain proficiency with the secrets that encompass Bujagali Falls. Break for lunch and afterward continue to the source of the Nile and later head back to the hotel for accommodation.

Day 3 – Jinja-Nyero Rock Paintings

On this day, we shall make a trip to Mbale and keep on Kumi where we will visit Nyero Rock artistic creations that are assessed to be between 700-1000 years of age and appraised the absolute best in East Africa. They comprise of three painted caves in the closeness of one another. The works of art are in red and white shades. The artworks are said to be crafted by hunter-gatherers who lived in the region around 2000 years back.

Day 4 – Jinja – Mbale

You’ll have morning breakfast, then look at and drive to Mbale town on the eastern side of the nation. The Bagisu or Gisu is otherwise called Gishu, Bagishu, Masaba, or Sokwia are individuals of the Bantu family who live along the slants of Mount Elgon in Mbale District eastern Uganda. An individual of Bagisu clan is called Mugisu and everything related to the Bagisu including their culture, convention, qualities, and the property is otherwise called Kigisu. Accordingly, one can talk of Kigisu music, Kigisu moves, or Kigisu culture. Further, the nonexclusive term Gisu (Gishu) has been utilized by researchers like Victor Turner (1969, 1973) and Suzette Heald (1982) to allude to the Bagisu individuals, region, language, or culture. All things considered, one can discussion of the Gisu while alluding to the Bagisu individuals or something that has a place with them. In any case, the Bagisu don’t allude to themselves or what has a place with them as the Gisu (Gishu).

Day 5 – Sipi Falls

In the morning, you will visit the Sipi falls, you can’t miss the sound and sight of these falls. Toward the evening, you will visit the ranch inclines with estate coffee. You will be told how it is grown and harvested when ready. In the event that fortunate, you will be given some coffee. You will likewise get an opportunity to find out about the Sabin culture as in nourishment, moves.

Day 6 – Mbale-Kampala

You will leave for Namugongo through Kampala and visit Namugongo Martyr’s holy place where the then king of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga 11 arranged the killing of 22 Christian believers who had censured customary religion. You will likewise visit Kasubi Tombs where the kings of the Buganda Kingdom are buried. 

Day 7 – the Buganda Kingdom 

Today, you’ll have breakfast and get ready for the Buganda Culture, you will visit the Kasubi tombs, the Buganda Kingdom to find out about the tribes, convention, and standards. Later you will visit the cathedrals in Kampala and taxi parks downtown.

Day 8 Kampala City – Lake Mburo National Park

On the 8th day, you will venture out to Lake Mburo National Park going through Masaka District and encompassed by the peaceful network munching the “Ankole Long Horned Cattle”. This is an exceptional sort of dairy cattle endemic to this piece of the world. You will enjoy a game drive of about 2-3 hours in Lake Mburo National Park upon arrival

Day 9 – Lake Mburo National Park – Lake Bunyonyi

Early morning, you get breakfast and continue for a trip to Kabale where you visit a local museum and find out about the culture and history of the individuals of South Western Uganda officially known as Kigezi. Later continue to Lake Bunyonyi for supper and medium-term at Bunyonyi Over Land Resort.

Day 10 – Kabale – Kisoro

You will visit a blacksmith and you will be taken through the phases of how local individuals manufacture devices like blades, lances and other things utilized in everyday life. Later make a trip a short separation to Kisoro. En route, you will visit a dwarf network on the outskirt of the Echuya forest. Later keep on Kisoro through grand farmland with terraced slopes, lovely landscape, breathtaking perspectives over the valley. The medium-term will be at Gorilla Safari Lodge.

Day 11 – Local Pymgy Community Visit

Early breakfast will be provided and after go to one of the most energizing exercises as you visit the Virunga Volcanic Mountains. The mountains are home to exceptional, birds, plants, imperiled mountain gorillas and the brilliant monkeys. You will likewise visit Garama cave estimating 340m in the length and 14m profound. This is the place the (Batwa) dwarfs used to live over 100 years prior. You will likewise get an opportunity to associate with the relatives of these astounding individuals as they describe their culture and legacy. It’s an amazing community.

Day 12 – Kisoro-Queen Elizabeth National Park

In the morning, you continue to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Your driver/guide will take you through the game park where you will see a few creatures. After arriving at your lodge, you will take lunch and later toward the evening take an exceptional 2-hour boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel into Lake Edward. This trip goes through perhaps the most elevated centralization of hippos and this launch/cruise offers an astounding stage for bird watching, game survey, and photography. 

Day 13 – Morning and Evening Game Drives

The present exercises incorporate a morning game drive in the night game drive. You will as well visit the museum at Mweya. The museum has a gathering of devices that have been utilized by the man from about 1.5 million years back to the present day.

Day 14 – Mweya – Botanical Garden and the Toro Kingdom  

After your breakfast, you will go to Fort Portal crossing the Equator line. In Fort Portal, you will visit the Royal Palace and Fort Gerry which was worked during the 1880s for shielding the Tooro Kingdom against assaults from the Bunyoro kingdom. You will likewise visit a botanical garden with medicinal plants. 

Day 15 – Tea factory and Plantation

An energizing chance to find out about tea developing and handling. Find out about tea farming practices like plucking, weeding, tipping, green leaf selling pruning and weeding compost application. You will be taken through the phases of tea preparing from the new Greenleaf to the tea itself. You will become familiar with the specialized angles like withering, moving, maturing, drying, and arranging tea into various evaluations. Go to the taste industrial facility and see the new tea during the quality control process. Later travel to Hoima. En route, you will visit Katosa Martyr’s place of worship, a commemoration to one of the exploited people St. Adolf who was among the 22 saints executed in Namugongo on requests of Kabaka Mwanga in 1886. In remembrance of St. Adolf, a catholic ward has been worked at the site and a journey is held each 27th January of the year. Near the congregation are rocks with compositions of saints of Namugongo. The medium-term will be at Crater Safari Lodge.

Day 16 – Hoima – Murchison Falls National Park

Breakfast will be served early and later go to visit Kabalega’s tomb at Maro. King Kabalega was the 23rd Omukama of the Bunyoro Kingdom and an incredible king and war expert whose influence and riches presented a threat to the foundation of colonialism. In view of his solid will and question of Europeans and their operators, Kabalega was the most abhorred king in the interlacustrine region by the settlers. Inside the tomb, there is a gathering of things like lances, pots, calabashes, imperial drums, creature skins, stools, containers, shields, and other formal attire related to Kabalenga and his occasions. There is a landmark outside the tombs where king Kabalega met Emin Pasha, the main pioneer operator who enjoyed and regarded him and was his companion. Later continue to Murchison falls. On a sunny morning, you will see dazzling perspectives on Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains in Congo.

Day 17 – Game Drive and Boat Trip

Today’s exercises incorporate a game drive to the delta and a launch trip to the base of the falls. You will get spectacular perspectives on the falls and en route, you will see  Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, and different bird species as you watch them coming to drink water at the stream’s edge and later go hiking the top of the falls. This is the incredible moment in Murchison falls National Park.

Day 18 – Murchison Falls National Park – Ssese Islands

You will venture out by ship to Bugala Island; one of the 84 Ssese islands in Africa’s biggest freshwater Lake Victoria. You will cross the Equator line on the water. The island has delightful sand shorelines, pineapple estates, beautiful palm trees, productive birdlife, and angling villages. 

Day 19 – Ssese Island

Today, we will visit Fort Speke, not a Fort all things considered but rather a spot where the well known European Explorer John Hannington Speke camped for a couple of months

Day 20 – Kampala or Entebbe End of 20 Days Uganda Budget Cultural Safari
You will have your breakfast, check out and you will be transferred to the ferry to Entebbe. From here you will be met by our driver/guide who will transfer you to Kampala or Entebbe for your flight back home.


End of the 20 days Uganda Budget Cultural Safari with Euro Uganda Safaris 

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