During the 5 Day Mt Kenya Trek | Sirimon Route | Peak Circuit, we explore the Sirimon and Chogoria course blend which is apparently the most superb climb course to the summit area. It is the driest course up the mountain and the walk down alongside the Gorges Valley genuinely spectacular. Navigate the Mountain from North to East through the Sirimon courses and Scenic Chogoria courses. Climb Point Lenana, the most elevated trekking top on Mount Kenya. Slide by means of the calmer and most sensational Chogoria course.

Day 1

Nairobi (1795m) to Old Moses (3300m)

Euro Uganda Safaris driver/guide will pick up from your Nairobi hotel or Nairobi airport by our guide and go to Nanyuki. You will connect up with the Guide, cook, and porters in Nanyuki, later we will leave Nanyuki at 10.30 am and drive to Sirimon Gate 2650m. Registration and start hiking through the downpour forest to Old Moses Camp at 3300m. Cookout Lunch will be served sooner or later en route. In the event that you are Lucky, you will see a major event Like The buffalo, Elephant, waterbucks and other Games. The separation is 9kms and it takes 3hrs. While at the Old Moses camp at 1600hrs you may take a short 1 hr walk just to adjust. Supper and medium-term at the camp Old Moses Bandas.

Driving Time: 4.5hrs; 3 hrs walking time.


Old Moses Bandas

Suppers and Drinks:

  • Lunch and supper (Breakfast excluded)
  • Drinking water (Other beverages excluded)

Day 2

Old Moses (3300m) to Shipton’s camp (4200m)

After breakfast, we start the generally simple climb of the moorland vegetation on the track crossing Ontulilli River before turning right contouring through the Moorland and intersection Liki North River and proceed with tough to Mackinders Valley from where there are all-encompassing perspectives up the valleys. Walking through the beautiful perspectives on the Sirimon and the Mackinders valleys arriving at Shipton’s Camp at 4200m. Lunch is served in transit. This is a moderately difficult Day, the separation to Shipton’s Camp from 0ld Moses camp is 16kms and it takes 6 hours. Shipton’s Camp. This camp is a dreamlike setting underneath the transcending pinnacles and icy mass with astounding perspectives on the Northern side of the Mountain. Supper and medium-term at the Shipton’s Bandas. 6 hrs walking time.


Shipton’S Bandas

Suppers and Drinks:

All suppers included

Drinking water (Other beverages excluded)

Day 3

Pinnacle Circuit; Shipton’s to Austrian Hut (4790 meters (15715 ft)

Breakfast is served and later begin the pinnacle circuit, from Shipton’s camp the trail prompts kami Camp underneath the north essence of Batian. Proceeding with southwest the trails moves up to the edge 4600 Mts above ocean level, Hike through the Scree before coming to Hausberg col at 4590m. We will later slip into the upper Hausberg valley and rest at the suitably named oval and Hausberg pools. Rising to the peak of an edge known as Arthur’s seat we see the trail twisting alongside an excellent arrangement of shake edges. We will have the option to see Mackinders Teleki Lodge, Two Tarn, Nanyuki Tarn, and American Camp. We continue to Austrian camp hence we will have seen Point Peter, Daton and other Beautiful Scenes. Cookout Lunch will be served in transit. 6 hrs of walking time.


Austrian Hut

Spending mountain cottage situated in or close to Mt Kenya

Dinners and Drinks:

  • All dinners included
  • Drinking water (Other beverages excluded)

Day 4

Austrian hovel/pt Lenana 4985m/Chogoria Meru Bandas (2800m)

The feature of our trip! At 0430hrs, wake up and have tea and bread rolls. Start the endeavor of the summit top (Point Lenana, alt 4985 meters), take photos with the African dawn, it’s conceivable to see Mt Kilimanjaro Kibo and Mawenzi tops from the Summit of Pt. Lenana if the weather is clear particularly at daybreak, and the perspectives are spectacular. Dive down to Mintos Hut for full breakfast. After breakfast plunges to Mt. Kenya Chogoria Bandas as you see Lake Ellis, Mugi slopes, Vivien Falls and the Giant Billiards table a way off. Outing Lunch at the street head and you land at the Bandas early night for a since quite a while ago merited hot shower, supper and medium-term at the Bandas.


Chogoria Meru Bandas

Financial limit banda situated in or close to Mt Kenya

Suppers and Drinks:

  • All suppers included
  • Drinking water (Other beverages excluded)

Day 5

Chogoria Bandas-Nairobi

After breakfast slides for a 10km walk through the bamboo forest, you are picked up by Private transport to Chogoria, Later from Chogoria you say goodbye to the porters and drive to Nairobi, we drive through the agricultural nation to arrive at Nairobi at 3 pm. Drop off at your Nairobi hotel/living arrangement.


No accommodation (End of tour)

Suppers and Drinks:

  • Breakfast (Lunch and supper excluded)
  • Drinking water (Other beverages excluded)

End of 5 Day Mt Kenya Trek | Sirimon Route with Peak Circuit with Euro Uganda Safaris

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