Day 1 of 6 Day Dr Congo | Nyiragongo Volcano with Euro Uganda Safaris

Contingent upon your landing time you can visit a portion of Kigali’s art markets, to peruse among the ceramics, carvings, batik, weaving, form, melodic instruments, calfskin, and textures on offer. Get ready to deal! All exercises today are at your very own expense.

You will go through the night at a flawless convenience. Fire tree town is in a perfect world situated on the edges of Kigali. You will enjoy the serenity. The rooms have an en-suite restroom and ignore the tropical greenhouses. There is a pool to invigorate yourself.

Day 2

Today you will meet with the Euro Uganda Safaris guide/driver who will guide you during your whole visit to DR Congo. You will drive through the moving slopes of Rwanda to the border town Goma. On the off chance that you utilized our Visa administrations you Visa endorsement will be prepared at the outskirt and you will get your Congolese Visa in your international ID. On the opposite side, the Congolese driver will hold up take you to Virunga National park.

The Virunga N.P. is the most established national park in Africa and it is the most fluctuated area on the whole mainland and home to the jeopardized Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzee. It flaunts the main icy mass in Africa with its Rwenzori Mountains and has normal savanna fields close Lake Edward and the Rwindi fields.

Today around evening time you will rest in Kibumba Camp an exquisite mid-run lodge immaculate to explore the mountain Gorillas and the Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava.

Day 3

Today is an energizing day and the second following of this visit. Today you will stand eye-to-eye with the Mountain Gorilla. Virunga National park is a UNESCO world legacy site and the most seasoned national park on the mainland!

This national park has been avoided the general population for quite a while because of common war and turmoil in Eastern Congo. As of now, it is completely operational and the ideal spot to follow the mountain gorillas in nature. Beginning at the central command in Rumangabo you will go for a difficult climb looking for these delicate monsters. When you see the mountain gorillas you have one hour to photo and respect them before you go back to the central station.

This evening you will rest again in Kibumba camp where you can share your accounts of today around the open-air fire.

Day 4

After an early breakfast, your driver will be there to lift you up and drive you to the great Nyiragongo spring of gushing lava. You will begin climbing at 10 AM in the morning. You will get a knapsack from Matoke visits which incorporate; a lunch bundle, warm wool vest, and a camping bed. You will have an individual cook setting up a hot dinner at the summit. You can procure a watchman to convey your gear at US$ 24 for every doorman to be paid on the ground.

The Nyiragongo is one of the world’s most dynamic springs of gushing lava. As of late emitted in 2002 making a mass annihilation of Goma city where the magma lakes can at present be seen and significant structures have been wrecked by it.

In the evening you will achieve the top with a remarkable perspective on the hole loaded up with an ocean of magma. You are one of only a handful couple of people to respect this scene. After a decent hot dinner arranged by the cook, you will rest in one of the hovels on the hole edge. It would be ideal if you note that the cabins on the hole edge are fundamental havens.

Day 5

In the morning you will enjoy your morning meal with the stunning perspective disregarding the Nyiragongo hole before you slide. Around early afternoon you will be back at base camp.

After this astounding background, the time has come to unwind. Your driver/guide will take you to Goma harbor where you will take a short vessel ride on the lake to Tchegera Island.

The rose camp offers dynamite perspectives on the lake and four volcanoes. On crisp evenings, Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira volcanoes add to the dramatization by turning the night sky red with their shining magma. There is likewise a wealth of birdlife on the island. You can unwind on the shoreline or explore different pieces of the island in an ocean kayak or by paddle board.

Day 6

Contingent upon your international flight at Kigali airport you can even now have room schedule-wise to unwind on the delightful Tchegera Island or complete a discretionary movement.

Your visit chief will ensure you are at the airport so as to get your flight home. It is conceivable to orchestrate a multi-day room on one of the hotels in Kigali to revive yourself before your flight.

End of 6 Day Dr Congo | Nyiragongo Volcano with Euro Uganda Safaris.

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