Is it the Karamojong or Karimojong? Which part of Uganda do they live? What language do they speak? Do you know the story about the Karamojong Virtual tours? Did you know that the habitat of the Karamojong is a plateau 1,120 to 1,360 meters high? Also, did you know that the savanna becomes green within April, but dries up again in November when the rain stops? with our online tours | Virtual Tours, find out why the river beds fill up in a few hours during storms and dry up again after the storms pass.

Can we tell you the History of the Karamojong in our online tours | Virtual Tours?
Is it true that the Karamojong are part of a group that migrated from present-day Ethiopia? Are they brothers to the Kalenjin group and Maasai cluster in Kenya?

The Karamojong were originally known as?  Where did the name Karamojong derive from? What are the three clans now existing? For all these answers, join Euro Uganda Safaris online tours | Virtual Tours.

Which language do Karamojongs speak? Are the Lango in Uganda ethnically and genetically close to the Karimojong?

What’s the main livelihood activity of the Karamojong?

Social organization
What is the dominant feature of Karamojong society? Is it based on generation? Which generation has an increasing overlap in age? And does this really lead to a breakdown of the system?

Is the Karamojong system flexible enough to contain a build-up of tension between generations over a cycle of 50 years or so?

What are the requirements for engagement? Is it really true that a young Karamojong man is required to wrestle the woman he desires to marry?

Again, is it true that If he is successful in winning the wrestling match against the woman, he is now considered to be a man and is permitted to marry the woman? Does this really ensure that the man will be strong enough to care for and protect his wife?

But now, what happens after a successful match? Do they pay dowry? If yes, how much? What happens when the young man is unable to defeat the woman in the wrestling match? Will, he not be considered by his people to be a man? Is he allowed to marry a woman from a different people-group where a test of strength is not required? If a non-Karamojong man desires to marry a Karamojong woman, Is he also required to go through this ceremony?

Anyway, I guess you have many unanswered questions about the Karamojong running through your mind. Join our expert Karamojong storyteller and a guide from the comfort of your homes to know more about “Do you know about the Karamojong Virtual tours?”


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