You can visit Murchison Falls at only shs78.000

You can visit Murchison Falls at only shs78.000

I repeat you can visit Murchison Falls at only shs78.000 and you won’t get disappointed. The powerful Murchison falls is a priceless game park as the river Nile water gushes through an 8meter narrow gorge thus creating a thunderous sound. The permanent rainbow is usually created by the vapour as the water plunges down the gorge. Its Budongo rain forest is dominated by primates such as baboons, chimpanzees black and white colobus monkeys. Also, the great view of the sunrises and sunsets are also common in Murchison falls.

The ferry ride is a short ride while other vehicles waiting at the end to get their ride next. You are checked in and assigned a Park Ranger who shares about the park and wildlife. Everywhere you look at the plethora of wildlife. So many animals around the park. Great national park with an abundance of wildlife animals to see. You’ll see lions, giraffes and leopard and different species of birds as well. There is no shortage of elephant, Warthogs, giraffes everywhere, buffaloes, birds and bushbucks. Read the full itinerary and you will surely have a nice time at this park compared to other parks in Uganda.

A boat cruise up the bottom of the falls takes one to the base of the trail leading to the top of Falls. The vehicle in which you’re travelling crosses the river by the ferry system and meets you at the end of the top of the falls. You can also see the Falls by reaching the end of the hiking trail by car, however, it is not as very exciting as walking the trail.

The entire hike takes about an hour or less depending on your fitness. Again, the climbing may be tiring but has a well-defined trail with handrails. Light clothes, a good pair of shoes suitable for hiking and sufficient water is suggested.

Look, seeing the mighty Nile river squeezing itself through a narrow gap is ought to be seen by all visiting the Murchison Falls National Park.

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